I didn’t realize how short I actually was until I looked at the photos!

I had wanted to do this tour after reading about it on a Vegas site.  It was great and if you get the chance to do it, don’t hesitate.   To be exact it’s an All Access Backstage Walking Tour  and provides a whole different perspective on the Jubilee at Bally’s topless show.  The show is based on numbers around the ‘old Las Vegas’ style shows.

We were met by our guide (the leggy, beautiful one in the top photo), on the actual stage where she and her co-stars/dancers perform every night.  How can I describe her?  Beautiful doesn’t do her justice, amazing is over used but to be truthful she was both.  I’m sorry that I can’t remember her name but let’s just call her Belle for now.

She started by giving a short history on Vegas shows.  How tall you have to be.  Obviously, I won’t be employed anytime soon.   The differences between the bluebells and topless dancers.  She also said that they have to audition every 6 months for their jobs, it’s an iconic post and they only want perfection!

 She gave a good insight about the costumes and the amount of work that’s put in making up a show like this.

We got to see backstage and the dressing rooms, and an in-depth look at costumes, props, headdresses. 

 Some of the bedazzled costumes, can weigh as much as 35 pounds.

We were allowed to poke our noses in the wardrobe crew room.  They handle everything from laundry to costume maintenance, sequin stitching and alterations. Because fishnet stockings rip on a daily basis, the wardrobe team can spend as many as 13 hours a day mending them.   Thank goodness I haven’t got that job!  Although, I’m sure my husband would be up for the post as dresser!

The tour takes you also to see the huge props that are used for the various ‘numbers’.  ‘Belle’ explained that they have an army of stagehands working behind the scenes to create the different stage backgrounds.

So interesting to see another side of my beloved Vegas and one that I would recommend to anyone and everyone!