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This post could take a long time in writting, so I will keep it to the point.

My favourite is The Wynn because it’s the classiest.  When I go on holiday, I want the best that I can afford.  I have stayed in all 3, The Wynn, The Bellagio and The Palazzo, but the standard never drops in The Wynn.  Unfortunately, in the other 2 (maybe because of the recession) the attention to detail isn’t there at the moment.  It is an absolute tragedy that so much money has been invested in building these wonderful resorts and someone, somewhere is responsible of letting this happen.  Who is in charge of stained carpets in the guest rooms?  Who is in charge of re-touching up the wooden furniture?   Who is in charge of re-filling the tolietries?   It’s in these tiny details that will set you below the benchmark.  What were once the height of glamour and excellance are just becoming slightly lacklustre.  The Wynn (Dec 2011) has the edge.  So for the same amount of bucks, I know where I’ll be checking-in to.

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What is not to love about Vegas?  It’s the original ‘Emerald city’, and everyone has the possibility of becoming rich. 

As you exit from the airport and can at once see the outline of the Strip, the rush of excitement starts.  It’s definitely magical.  Unfortunately or fortunately depending upon how you look at it I’m addicted to Vegas!  Fortunately because I spend 11 months and 3 weeks dreaming and saving for my return and unfortunatelybecause  the week that I’m or rather we’re there passes TOO FRIGGIN QUICK!

I’m not a gambling addict or have lots of money to spend.  What is the main attraction then for me?  It has to be the greatest place on earth for an observer.   Don’t get me wrong, it is the best place for shopping, (yes, better than New York, London and Barcelona).  It is the best place for variety of shows (yes, better than the West End, Broadway and I’m definitely not including Barcelona in this comparison as it’s dire).  I don’t know if it has the biggest or best collection of luxury hotels in the world but if it doesn’t hold this accolade, it must be very close.  But the award for most amazing contrasts in one location HAS TO GO TO VEGAS.  That for me, an observer, is certainly the main draw.

For me to physically get to Vegas, is a major undertaking.  I live on the Costa Brava in Tossa de mar, Spain (a very beautiful place and completely different from LV).   It’s a very long way and very expensive too.  To get there, we generally first fly to London and then travel by Virgin Atlantic.  I’ve tried over the years of looking at price comparison sites, with Virgin, with BA holidays and have found that the cheapest for the same holiday + insurance (if booked 3ish months in advance) is  Don’t get me wrong NOTHING ABOUT THE WHOLE ADVENTURE IS CHEAP.  However, after 5 successive years and more hours than I care to think of trawling the internet.  This is my personal conclusion.

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