Over the las 5 years, on our wonderful Las Vegas holidays, we must have experienced 85% of the one day organized tours.  We have tried various companies.  Some expensive options and this year, with 6 of us going, more economic versions.  I’ve decided that spending a bit more makes for a better excursion.

The first year we tried Pink Jeep, west rim to the Grand Canyon.   At the time, I was too scared to go in a helicopter or tiny plane.  So a long but very enjoyable and comfortable trip in a Jeep.  Guide excellent, stop offs interesting, all in all great trip.  This December, unfortunately, we or rather I paid about a third of the price for the ‘same’ tour but by bus.  We used Papillon bus tours.  Never again!  The operation of actually picking everyone up, going to their central offices and wasting valuable time is RIDICULOUS.  Please, if you are reading this and considering going on their trip.  DON’T.  The Grand Canyon is called this for one reason.  This is because it’s Grand and if you are travelling half way across the world to see it, pay the extra and savour the moment! 


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