Again, another unmissable Las Vegas excursion.

Whenever you see Kim Kardashian in Las Vegas, she’s in a bikini!  Let’s just say don’t bother  bringing anthing less than thermal underwear, in December on this fantastic adventure-  It’s VERY EXPENSIVE but worth every dollar. 

Hotel pick up, I can’t remember what time exactly but for us and our jetlag, the earlier the better.  You are taken to the Hover Dam and driven down the little trail that the 1931 construction workers used, whilst builing this amazing project.

At the end of a stone jetty, your raft awaits.  The whole scenic 11 mile float along the Colorado River is filled with interesting things to see.  Some of which, we even managed to photograph.  Again top marks for the guide/skipper, who tells you dittys about the early explorers looking for gold.

As always, we pick our visiting month when it’s coldest, December, so let’s just say it was bloody freezing.  Felt like Pocahontas but unfortunately didn’t look anything like her!

2nd part of the trip was the holiday highlight.

You are then picked up and taken back to the Hacienda Hotel.  Here, unfortunately, they asked us to leave and wait outside because the kids wouldn’t stop trying to play on the casino machines!!!

 Good news was that our yellow “Hummer”, Deep Desert Exploration Vehicle arrived at the same time.  Hooray! 

I was quite nervous at what to expect (being the scaredy cat, that I am) and whilst on the road to the Frenchmen Mountains (where the rough bit starts) you begin to let your guard down and relax. Our guide THE BEST IN LAS VEGAS (I’m so sorry that I can’t remember his name) began to tell us about how he grew up in LA, moved to Las Vegas whilst trying to break from a notorious gang and completely turned his life around.   For a busy body like me it was Christmas come early.


Wham, without noticing we had turned off the main road.  Now it was ‘hold on to ya hats time’.  OMG,  we all started screaming, up and down, how the car didn’t topple over was down to his driving skills.  This was adventure with a capital A .  It really was  the ride of our lives.  Forget theme park fake attractions.  This was Topgear in HD.


One secret I will share is that, at one point he stopped the hummer at the major fault line, at Lava Butte and told us to get out of the car, give him our expensive camera and walk up the mountain a bit and he would take a photo!  Once, we had started walking away from him my husband turns to me and says quietly  ‘We are in the middle of the dessert, an ex-gang member has got our camera, your handbag and has told us to walk up a mountain,  I hope to hell that when we turn around he’s still there’!  He was and here is the photo to prove that we have had the adventure tour of our lives thanks to him and his hummer.  THANK YOU!