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Thinking back now, the day I met Mike Tyson was surreal.

It was our last day in Las Vegas and had already checked in for our flight home.  The great thing about checking in here though, is that, you can do it at your hotel and make use of another full day spending money!

My husband spends every waking minute, with a grand camera strapped around his neck.  The one time he didn”t have his camera is when we came face to face with MIKE TYSON.  That could only happen to us.  All was not lost as my son did have an iphone fortunately.

For collectors and enthusiasts of memorabilia Vegas is great.   There are brilliant stores full to the brim of autographed photos, records, sportswear and general tat.  Together with my next holiday fund I will be trying to squirrel away $7500 more for the signed ‘Thriller’ album cover + glove in a presentation box.  Being a Michael Jackson fan and Thriller particularly holding so many happy memories.

Well, to get back to Mike, whilst we were sifting through autographs in a shop in Ceasar’s Palace, I overheard a conversation between two of the assistants.  They were complaining that it was going to be slow because Mike Tyson was signing memorabilia in another shop in the same mall.So, I inched in further and couldn’t resist poking my extremely long nose in and asked, where exactly could I find the former undisputed champion of boxing.   Guess what?  They wouldn’t tell me!  How callous was that???  Calmly I turned,  collected hubby and the kids and pushed them out of the shop.  The hunt was on for Mike Tyson!!!! 

Luckily, for us he was 150yards away at ‘Field of dreams’.  We got in line with our newly bought boxing glove,  iphone at the ready.  The kids excitement was infectious by the time  it was our turn, all six of us were giggling with nerves,   even me.   In we went.  We gave the camera/phone to his assistant and that was that.  The kids were firing questions, left right and centre.  He was soooo nice.  He smelt and looked pristine.  The man definitely looks after himself.  (I had read a few things about him in the newspaper about all his past antics and hadn’t been impressed).  Then, I don’t know what happened to me, whether it was nerves or just complete insanity.  I started telling him off about the tattoo on his face.  My kids started screaming with laughter and trying to pull me out of the room but I still continued to take the legendary Mike Tyson to task.  When I was finally finished, I took the camera off the assisstant and said ‘Goodbye Mr Tyson’ and walked out.  I don’t know who was more surprised me or him. 

We then, still laughing went into Planet Hollywood for a burger and to look at the photos.  Attached is the evidence of my Mike Tyson adventure.

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Over the las 5 years, on our wonderful Las Vegas holidays, we must have experienced 85% of the one day organized tours.  We have tried various companies.  Some expensive options and this year, with 6 of us going, more economic versions.  I’ve decided that spending a bit more makes for a better excursion.

The first year we tried Pink Jeep, west rim to the Grand Canyon.   At the time, I was too scared to go in a helicopter or tiny plane.  So a long but very enjoyable and comfortable trip in a Jeep.  Guide excellent, stop offs interesting, all in all great trip.  This December, unfortunately, we or rather I paid about a third of the price for the ‘same’ tour but by bus.  We used Papillon bus tours.  Never again!  The operation of actually picking everyone up, going to their central offices and wasting valuable time is RIDICULOUS.  Please, if you are reading this and considering going on their trip.  DON’T.  The Grand Canyon is called this for one reason.  This is because it’s Grand and if you are travelling half way across the world to see it, pay the extra and savour the moment! 


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What is not to love about Vegas?  It’s the original ‘Emerald city’, and everyone has the possibility of becoming rich. 

As you exit from the airport and can at once see the outline of the Strip, the rush of excitement starts.  It’s definitely magical.  Unfortunately or fortunately depending upon how you look at it I’m addicted to Vegas!  Fortunately because I spend 11 months and 3 weeks dreaming and saving for my return and unfortunatelybecause  the week that I’m or rather we’re there passes TOO FRIGGIN QUICK!

I’m not a gambling addict or have lots of money to spend.  What is the main attraction then for me?  It has to be the greatest place on earth for an observer.   Don’t get me wrong, it is the best place for shopping, (yes, better than New York, London and Barcelona).  It is the best place for variety of shows (yes, better than the West End, Broadway and I’m definitely not including Barcelona in this comparison as it’s dire).  I don’t know if it has the biggest or best collection of luxury hotels in the world but if it doesn’t hold this accolade, it must be very close.  But the award for most amazing contrasts in one location HAS TO GO TO VEGAS.  That for me, an observer, is certainly the main draw.

For me to physically get to Vegas, is a major undertaking.  I live on the Costa Brava in Tossa de mar, Spain (a very beautiful place and completely different from LV).   It’s a very long way and very expensive too.  To get there, we generally first fly to London and then travel by Virgin Atlantic.  I’ve tried over the years of looking at price comparison sites, with Virgin, with BA holidays and have found that the cheapest for the same holiday + insurance (if booked 3ish months in advance) is  Don’t get me wrong NOTHING ABOUT THE WHOLE ADVENTURE IS CHEAP.  However, after 5 successive years and more hours than I care to think of trawling the internet.  This is my personal conclusion.

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